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Kennedy Preview for Concert December 17, 1:15 P.M. GHS Auditorium

Recorded December 4th. This the song the 4th grade will sing. They sound fantastic. Please listen!!

Click to hear 4th grade song for concert.
Video of G Group's recent benefit concert performance, we helped raise  over $2300 for the Wounded Warriors.
G Group Benefit Concert Performance

Pictures and video clips from G Group's Oct. 8th rehearsal


Students are starting off from last year with gusto! Here is a clip of the 4th grade singing "Sailing to America" at their spring concert in May.

Second Grade Song Poems

The attached video is the final product of the songs produced using the Finale software by my Second Grade students. The poems were located for the students. However, they did the rhythm and melodies for each stanza.  Enjoy!
Below are examples of First grade Centers at Kennedy.  Student above is taking musical dictation. Both rhythmic and melodic examples are provided.
 Student is writing song using SML- after doing a rough draft they transfer to the staff.
 Student plays songs using SML on the keyboard.
 Students finishing their Peter and the Wolf books.
Again, Jumpstart on the computers, they get to continue their game to collect sour notes.

First Grade Centers 3-3-15

First grade students are Learning in Music Centers about Peter and the Wolf and SML  Above Students in the listening center are listening to the story Peter and the Wolf.

 Here a student colors in and reads the story book for first grade readers of Peter and the Wolf
 A Student shows her mastery of drawing SML in the writing center.
 Computers are always a hit. Here they are playing a musical game called Jumpstart Music
Here the stdudents are reading SML and playing the music on Music chimes.